What We Do


We specialise in quality nutritional and herbal supplements.

These include organic, vegetarian and vegan products. All of our suppliers share a passion for quality and sustainability whilst promoting health and wellness.

Cant find what you're looking for? We can order specialist products for you.


Wholesome bee was so named because of the vision to be healthy, be wholesome, wholesome bee!!!!

good, organic wholefoods were our starting point and as trends have grown so have we, with even more vegan and dietary specialist foods.


Looking for environmentally friendly and plastic free cleaning?

We have a wide array of products from compostable clingfilm and locally made beeswax wraps, to ecoleaf washing-up liquid (one of the many refills available at our refill station).


Our range of refills is constantly expanding, and don't forget if your preferred 'flavour' isn't on our shelf we do special orders of 5l or 20l containers just for you (great value, perfect for holiday lets and families)!

  • Washing-up Liquid

  • Laundry Liquid

  • Fabric Conditioner

  • Hand Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Body Wash

Body Care

A solution for all skin types. We stock plastic free, ethically made body care products Including shampoos, conditioners, essential oils, moisturisers, vegan skin care and more!

Alongside this we have a fantastic aromatherapy range, including essential oils and beautiful diffusers.


From a jar of Yorkshire honey to hand knitted hats and scarves or maybe a bar of soap or hand poured candle made in Settle?

We have presents for mum, dad, and the neighbour that fed the cat whilst you were away!